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The Ecoland Summer Camp is located in Bayangol, Yoroo soum, Selenge province, Mongolia. The camp was established in 2012 and the capacity is 35-40 children at once.

Our goals during our summer Ecoland Camp are to use children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for the outdoors to help them understand important ecological concepts, give them the opportunity to ask and answer their own scientific questions, expose them to the field of Ecology, and develop confidence in their ability to use science to understand and positively impact the world while teaching them democratic values and allowing them to practice their own governance.

Summer camp activities include games, science projects, nature exploration, workshops, presentations by children, and more! The learning goals remain the same for each camp classroom, but the activities, trips, and themes are carefully crafted to be appropriate for each grade.


The Ecoland Summer Camp,  director B.Ariuntsetseg

Tel: 976-313619, 976-99017561