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Ardyn Elch Movement

Ardyn Elch movement is a non-governmental organization founded by the people of Eroo soum of Selenge aimag to serve their community.  Ardyn Elch movement was established on January 14, 2004 with 25 members. Ardyn Elch movement’s mission is to develop their community into a democratic civil society and become the patron of their own land and life. Now it has evolved into a community organization and conducts constant activities that involve every citizen of the Eroo soum.


  1. Educating the citizens how to influence the government policies therefore giving them knowledge and skills to get involved in decision making at the local level.
  2. Engraving the ability of solving problems and encouraging the enthusiasm of cooperative decision making
  3. Carrying out projects and activities to improve the living quality of the locals.
  4. Protecting the environment and leaving it preserved for the next generation

The movement is open to every citizen of the particular soum and does not discriminate based on nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, education, social status, wealth, belief, employment status, health condition. To achieve above stated goals and objectives we are cooperating with the local government agencies, the public, private entities and all other units.

Wind of Changes

Өөрчлөлтийн Салхи залуусын бүлэг нь Иргэний Боловсролын Төв ТББ-ын “Иргэний боловсролоор залуучуудыг чадавжуулах нь” төслийн хүрээнд тус төвийн дэргэдэх залуусын клуб болон 2012 оны 11-р сарын 10-нд байгуулагдсан. Энэхүү клуб нь залуусын дуу хоолойг зохих шатны байгууллагуудад нь хүргэх бөгөөд нийгэмд тулгарч буй асуудлуудыг өөрсдийн хүчээр "төрийн бодлогод" нөлөөлөх замаар шийдвэрлэх юм. Өөрчлөлтийн Салхи нь ашгийн бус, нам төрийн бус залуусын үзэл бодлын төлөө клуб юм.

Бидний уриа: It’s gonna be Okey. Хамтдаа өөрчилье!

"Минжийн Хангай" орон нутгийн иргэдийн бүлэг

Children and active citizens of Bugant in Eroo soum of Selenge province started their own organization "Minjiin Khangai" that promotes active citizenship and involvement in decision making processes in their community. Their first step towards the goal was to set up Internet in their village.

"DemoCrazy" Youth Center

Democrazy Youth Center was founded by a group of individuals who were dedicated in promoting human rights culture to create dimension that supports youth activism and movement for positive change by enhancing individual development, democracy, civic education and creative participation and establishment was rooted on experience gathered through “Hands up for your rights” youth campaign as a non-profit, non-government organization in 2012.

Mongolian Youth Council

The Mongolia Youth Council (MYC) is a youth-led organization founded on February 26, 2013. The MYC is dedicated to build bridges between the government, international organizations, private sector and youth initiatives based on active participation of youth to bring positive social change and mutual learning, which enables young people to grow together. Currently, MYC has 32 member organizations operating together.

The mission of the MYC is to provide educational resources, leadership opportunities, and a network for the next generation of leaders. The MYC assists youth in developing projects and campaigns to support sustainable development projects on a local, regional, and international level.