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Khanbog students recieved ceritificate of scholarship2017/11/13

In 2015, OyuTolgoi LLC and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) signed a joint agreement to implement the project “Accentuating the Positive: Youth for Development” in Khanbogd, and establish a Youth Development Center (YDC), peer education network, and an Adolescent and Youth Friendly Health Clinic (AYFHC) under the Inter-Soum Hospital in Khanbogd soum, Umnugobi. The project is to empower young people especially marginalized youth to become responsible, positive and self-reliant. It aims to build the resilience of young women and men, and reduce their vulnerabilities to gender-based violence (GBV), unplanned pregnancies and STIs/HIV, and increase their capacity to benefit from Mongolia’s rapid socio-economic change, particularly as it relates to extractive industries.

CCE has announced open call for scholarship for Khanbogd students wihtnin the Youth Development project. Today 8 students originated from Khanbogd soum recieved the certificate of scholarship. The students will be provided with 183.500 MNT each month as a support as well as they will be involved in series of training, workshop and events organzied by CCE. By taking part in this program, they they will concentrate more on their study, get motovated to learn more, increase self confidence as well as their knowledge and understanding on human rights, civic education and participation will increase.