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Moot court competition is announced2019/9/11

Dear High School Students and Teachers,
If you would like to partake in the opportunity to participate in the Mongolia Moot Court Competition 2019 organised by the Centre for Citizenship Education (September 29, 2019) in Ulaanbaatar, please fill out this form. 
This Moot Court Competition will enable us select bright students to participate in the 2020 High School International Moot Court to be held in Gdynia, Poland. Although the last 3 Moot Courts were at a different venue, we anticipate the same level of competition in Poland. The program, in conjunction with the Justice Resource Center, will be co-sponsored by President Lech Wałęsa; European Solidarity Center; Senator of the Republic of Poland; Mayor of the City of Gdynia; and Adam Mickiewicz High School in Gdynia. In addition, the City of Gdynia; University of Gdańsk - Law Faculty University of Business and Administration in Gdynia; District Court in Gdańsk; District Chamber of Legal Advisors; Pomeranian Chamber of Advocates; and Legal offices from the tri-city area have all agreed to support the program.  Anna Ćwiklińska-Rutka, will be our local coordinator for this program.
We recognize that you and your students are active participants in local and national Moot Court competitions; therefore, we would be thrilled to have you join the upcoming competition. Each city/country team may have up to eight students: three lawyers for the prosecution, three for the defense and two alternates. Chaperones and guest will be limited. Guests must be approved by the JRC, as this is a private event. Participants will arrive in Gdynia, Poland on Sunday, January 26, 2020. After the five-day competition and educational activities, teams will depart on Saturday, February 1, 2020.
Students will participate in multiple-elimination rounds at various law schools, with two international teams emerging as finalists. The final round will take place at the European Solidarity Center with prominent judges from the International Criminal Court (ICC); Polish judges and prominent lawyers presiding. The case is being drafted by attorneys using the ICC rules and laws. It will be distributed to all participating teams in early October 2019.  
JRC and sponsors will be funding the majority of the competition, including cost of all meals, 3 of the 6 hotel nights, and program costs. Each city/country team will be expected to pay for the students’ and coaches’ travel to and from Poland, medical insurance-mandatory, visas-if needed and three nights of the Mercure hotel. 
Please fill out this form by September 18, 2019 ( Representatives from the Centre for Citizenship Education will contact your teacher in due course to give more updates on the competition.